Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I once said that I only post songs here if I really like them a lot, but rules are made to be broken. Today is kind of a public service, I think.

I keep mentioning The Record Store That Sells Albums From The 80's That No One Has Ever Heard Of For $2.99 Or So. It really is kind of an amazing place.

The latest weird/unexpected thing I found there is the first Yuji Oniki album. He's a Japanese lush-pop type from California who received generally good reviews for two recent albums. Typically, the evil Allmusic doesn't want you to know that he self-released a record back in the late 80's. It's called Shonen Blue, and it's kind of like REM by way of Elephant 6.

I barely like REM (the only albums of theirs I ever listen to are Fables Of The Reconstruction and Monster, and yes I know that those are the two "bad" ones) and I also have a very iffy relationship with E6, so the preceding description doesn't really get me too excited. But, I'm aware that it might sound like heaven to a lot of people.

Given the right combination of fall weather, coffee, dogs, leaves changing colors, brunch with mimosas, driving in the country, Volvos, preppie girls in fuzzy sweaters, and Ultram, I could probably work up a weak enthusiasm for the two more recent Yuji Oniki albums, but I can't say he really speaks to me either. I put Orange and Tvi on my iPod from time to time, and someday the stars will align and they'll be the perfect soundtrack to some melancholy fall day. Hasn't happened yet.

On the other hand, Yuji has his supporters, including a guy from Guided By Voices and a band called Beulah and Scott Miller and so on. I'm guessing that some of Yuji's fans wouldn't mind hearing some of Shonen Blue, so here are a few tracks. Honestly, they all kind of sound the same to me, but if anyone has any requests for tracks that I didn't post, I'm easy. (I'm about 90% sure that this album isn't on CD, but if I'm wrong just ignore all of today's post and sorry.)

Ave 'C'
Dropping Hands

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