Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Goodbye Japan, Hello Canada

After two days of music by (or involving) Japanese expats, it's time to move on. If I get some time, I will post a few more tracks from the Yuji Oniki album (see yesterday's post), since I did get requests for it.

Last night, totally out of the blue, a random stranger wrote to me and hooked me up with a whole bunch of rare early Men Without Hats stuff (concerts, demos, etc.). It was like a late birthday present or something. I'm in the midst of sorting through it all to see if there's anything that might be interesting for the unconverted, and hopefully I'll be able to post something next week.

Meanwhile, in honor of Men Without Hats and kindly Canadians everywhere, here's The Dayglo Abortions performing Proud To Be Canadian. Is it possible that this track hasn't been posted in mp3 blogland since the US election? I'm thinking no, but on the other hand I haven't seen it, so maybe it slipped through the cracks. It's from The Dayglo's 1985 album Feed Us Fetus, featuring lovely cover art that you really should try to check out sometime.

I have something really neat planned for Friday, so I may skip Thursday this week.

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