Thursday, December 02, 2004

Between the fact that December 2nd is my birthday and my just-plain-silly schedule at the gym, I doubt anything much will happen until Friday. Remind me again why I took a job that involves waking up at 4:00am from time to time!

Meanwhile, I'd like to join a bunch of other people in recommending the mp3 blog Locust St. It currently focuses on music from the 40's (which may or may not be a permanent thing) and while I know little to nothing about that subject, the writing is extremely informative, with all kinds of neat graphics and factoids and such. You could probably have a great time with this blog even if you never downloaded a single mp3.

I've got a few new things to write about, including something new from Trztn (aka the guy who used to be in Flux Information Sciences). I hope to get a chance to write on Friday afternoon or over the weekend.

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