Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Spent a lot of time at the vet last night with a little sick kitten, so not much time for posting. As long as I'm on the subject of bands with singers who might not appeal to everyone, maybe I should throw up a couple tracks by Yo.

I don't know much more about them than what appears at Hyped2Death (scroll down) and this small page devoted to the band.

I originally bought their Charm World lp at the Store That Sells Albums From The 80's That No One Has Heard Of for $2.99 Or So (which you're probably getting sick of hearing about) because of the back cover (see detail above). "Surely" I thought "that stylish, Naomi Yang looking chick in the middle must sing."

"I'll bet," I continued thinking, "this'll sound like the Donner Party or Damon & Naomi or something cool like that."

Sadly, the stylish Naomi Yang looking chick (Sally Engelfried) doesn't sing. Note to every band in the world: let the girl sing. It almost always helps.

In actuality, the scrappy 80's buzz of The Donner Party isn't that far off as comparisons go, but Yo don't have the Donner's humor, which makes for a huge difference. And Yo do have a lead singer who sounds like he's thinking of becoming Irish, or like he ate some Irish food, or something like that.

Anyway, I don't love Yo, but I do find track number one on side one Heard It All Before popping into my head fairly frequently. It would be nice if someone wanted to cover it. I'm not clear on which tracks are currently available from Hyped2Death, but I'm pretty sure that House of Sorrow is. It may be that both tracks I'm posting are on the Homework comps. Since they're my favorite ones, though, I'll run the risk of duplication.

Charm World came out in 1985 on Deadbeat Records in Oakland, in case you're looking. Check in the $1 bin. It's not on CD.

Hopefully there'll be less kitten trauma tomorrow.

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