Friday, November 12, 2004


Sonic Upgrade day

Thanks to hints from two readers, I finally managed to acquire a copy of the Crash CD compilation Everything Under The Sun without going broke. Since Allmusic can't be bothered to get this right, the details are Justine records, 1992, JUSTCD1. I've posted about Crash a few times before. The references are (depending on where you're coming from):

Before he formed Ultra Vivid Scene, Kurt Ralske played guitar in a band called Crash.

Better known for her fantastic cassette-only albums (much of which did ultimately get CD releases), Linda Smith sang backup on one of the best songs by a band called Crash.

In addition to playing in a band called The Woods with Linda Smith and drumming for a DNA related solo group, percussionist Brian Bendlin was an early member of a band called Crash.

Before forming the early Creation dance/pop group Tangerine, the late Mark Dumais helmed a band called Crash who often combined Jesus & Mary Chain guitars with Morrissey-esque vocals.

When not stinking up the joint with Fountains of Wayne, Adam Schlesinger occasionally appears in a reasonably decent band called Ivy who once had an album produced by Kurt Ralske, who played in a band called Crash long ago.

There's a few more, but you get the idea.

So, today I'm posting a few tracks that I've put up before, but this time ripped from CD. This is one of the rare occasion where I find myself appreciating a band much more on CD than on vinyl. Here's I Feel Fine, which is probably their best song and which would probably make for a great cover version. And here's Don't Look Now, which has been covered a few times. More on Monday.

(Is it me, or does that cover photo look slightly obscene? That never struck me while looking at the CD, but on my monitor... Maybe it's just me.)

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