Tuesday, November 23, 2004


So yesterday was probably my best shot at being the first mp3 blog to publicize a future top 40 artist, and you'd better believe I'm going to mention it for the rest of this week!

Meanwhile, maybe something heavier is in order.

Over the weekend I accidentally erased my iTunes music library (not the songs, but the index) and had to rebuild it. When it reloaded my iPod, I got a random selection that included some songs I'd forgotten I had.

How I forgot about Magic Dirt's killer non-lp track My Pal is beyond me. It's a cover of a song originally by an Aussie band called God whom I've never heard, and it comes from this soundtrack. It's from a time when Magic Dirt were probably at the top of their game. To quickly catch people up, Magic Dirt are an Australian band who, during their glory days, made a valiant effort to be Motorhead and Sonic Youth at the same time. These days they're still good, but in a much more radio friendly way.

A few more Magic Dirt tracks that you might not have heard: here's a live version of Sparrow (the original is from the utterly essential Friends In Danger CD which you can probably find used for less than $1) and here's a live version of Rabbit With Fangs (the original is from the not quite essential Young And Full Of The Devil CD, which will probably cost you too much unless you're already converted, in which case go ahead and buy it). I'm not 100% thrilled with the vocal part of Rabbit With Fangs, but as long as the guitars are doing what they're doing, Adalita can knock herself out singing jingles about vegemite for all I care.

Finally, here's an earlier Magic Dirt track called Ice. Take note of the exploding effects pedal at the end! This is probably as close as they got to the Sonic Youth-like college radio hit that Warner was hoping they'd have in them.

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