Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ok, God's My Pal can be found here (click the "music box" link) for the time being (along with a link to what looks like a pretty neat compilation).

I haven't had time to pull out my Squirrelbait records to double check, but I'm thinking that God's lead singer sounds a little bit like Pete Searcy.

I was expecting their original version to be all tinny and thin and scrappy, and it isn't. It's not as over-the-top powerful as the Magic Dirt remake, but the vocals are (in my opinion, of course) better and the recording quality is much better than I was expecting.

I've impulsively ordered a used copy of their album For Lovers Only, which may or may not turn out to have been a smart impulse. I'll let you know. If you poke around gemm, though, there are a fair number of reasonably priced copies of it, as well as some other God releases. It looks like the CD may still be available from AuGoGo, but I'm not completely sure. [Someone from Australia wrote to inform me that AuGoGo is no more, so there goes that.]

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