Wednesday, November 17, 2004


News, current and not so current

U.S. Maple fans will probably be happy to learn that the often irritating eMusic has a live album available for download. No new songs, and the sound is ok but not "you are there." It's handy to have on hand, so that the next time some idiot tries to tell you that U.S. Maple don't know how to play their instruments and are just making noise, instead of having to drag your dumb friend to a show you can just play them the live tracks. Which are, pretty much note for note, identical to the album versions.

(If you're reading this and don't know who U.S. Maple are, the main point is that they often sound like a band collectively falling down a flight of stairs but they are not a noise/improv band, and in fact have some pretty catchy hooks in an extremely non-obvious way.)

I keep meaning to do an intro-to-U.S. Maple feature, but short of giving you all a Vicodin, I can't think of a really good way to start. Instead, here's their cover of Dylan's Lay Lady Lay from their most recent album Purple On Time. It's not my favorite song of theirs and POT (hmmmm) isn't my favorite album of theirs, but this is a relatively faithful rendition of a song most people know. So maybe it is a good introduction after all. (But it really is far from their best.) Ok, you know what. Here's a track called Tan Loves Blue from POT. Even though it's still much more normal sounding than the contents of my favorite U.S. Maple albums (which would be Talker and Acre Thrills) it's pretty great.

In other news, Boyskout, the new wave goth lesbians (as lazy reviewers across the US will probably refer to them when they get famous, so let's start now), made a WFMU appearance the other day. I continue to love their 2004 debut School Of Etiquette, and am really looking forward to whatever comes next. If you still haven't heard them (they've been featured here and at several other mp3 blogs) go straight to their website and listen to the mp3 for Back To Bed.

Something to start looking forward to: Enon have details up about their next album, to be released in 2005. I'm especially happy that they'll be including a DVD with the CD. The video for their great song In This City is extremely slick and wonderful and deserves a wider audience. It's included on a CD EP, but there it's compressed for computer. I am so hoping that Enon will bounce back from the kind of meh Hocus Pocus.

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