Monday, November 22, 2004

I wanted to post a quick note that John of the wonderful Tofu Hut was gracious enough to interview me this week. It appears on his site, and should eventually show up at Better Propaganda as part of their series on mp3 blogs. If you go to the Tofu Hut interview, you'll also get to see that wonderful Pixies t-shirt that my wife brought me back from France. It really does garner an awful lot of compliments, which makes me feel slightly guilty sometimes since I don't actually like the Pixies all that much.

Somewhere along the line, the editing elves changed one of my answers, and until it gets fixed I very much want everyone to know that Michael Duane and Jaqi Dulany were supposed to be listed as "most overlooked geniuses" not "most overrated useless pieces of trash to ever offend my ears." God, they're going to kill me!

Seriously...everyone go buy a copy of The Dustdevils' Struggling Electric & Chemical CD. You can probably find it used for less than $4, and it's, like, the great lost classic guitar noise album.

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