Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy election day! In semi-concert with the terrific Lacunae website, I'm offering the Girls At Our Best! track Politics, which is the sound of an angry Girl-Scout troop making its feeling known! (It's a great, great, super-catchy song...I posted a GAOB! track last week, and felt like one wasn't really enough, so when opportunity knocked, I answered). There's a bridge that's less twee than the rest of the track, so I urge you to stick around even if you're a twee-hater (and may the twee gods have mercy on your poor lost soul). Nice thing about GAOB! is that if you're inclined to check them out, you basically (give or take a Peel Session) only have one CD to buy. It's called Pleasure and came out on the Vinyl Japan label in 1994. The bad news is that it's out of print, but it shouldn't be too ridiculously expensive.

As a further Lacunae tie in, here's a track by Scarlet's Well (Lacunae recently mentioned Bid -- that's a person -- of the Monochrome Set, who lurks behind Scarlet's Well these days). When I listen to River, it washes my cares away like nobody's business. I may be listening to it a lot during the next four years, depending on what happens today.

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