Friday, October 29, 2004

Wow, so I was just about to post about Hilly Michaels' second solo album Lumia and I was doing some last minute googling and discovered that he now has the beginnings of a webpage! It's here, and includes the fairly amazing (and long overdue) good news that a CD reissue of his two solo albums is in the works. I'll update when I learn more (I emailed him and am waiting to see if he writes back).

So, um, I'm kind of at a loss for what to post today, since I want to hold off on posting Hilly stuff till I know what's up.

(Insert little Ashlee Simpson jig while I try to figure out what to do.)

Lately I've been really liking this song called Fast Boyfriends by a group called Girls At Our Best!. There's a website about them here. If you like The Dolly Mixture (whose Demonstration Tapes is apparently due for reissue in the not too distant future) you'll want to check this out. Think early 80's, Rough Trade, catchy girl-pop with a whiff of post-punk.

And here's The Wedding Present, who covered everybody who was anybody, covering a Girls At Our Best! track Getting Nowhere Fast.

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