Friday, October 15, 2004

Many sounds have never been heard -- by humans. Some sound waves you don't hear -- but they reach you. "Storm Stereo" techniques combine singers, instrumentalists and complex electronic sound. The emotional intensity is at a maximum.

Sometimes you want to know all about a record before you check it out, but sometimes it's kind of fun to go in with minimal info. I'm going to present today's album pretty much as I discovered it, and if you want to go out googling afterward, you're more than welcome. There's plenty of info out there, but there's something to be said for running home with random albums that you found in the basement of the used record store and popping them onto the turntable, not knowing what to expect. Consider today's post my attempt to bring you the basement of a used record store.

Hmmm, kind of crude cover art. Heavy Metal? Hardcore Punk? NYC Noise Rock? The sticker says it's from 1973 [the sticker is's from a few years earlier]. Early Heavy Metal?

Really crude layout! It's on the Antilles label [this is a's originally on Island]. Didn't Antilles put out No New York?

Didn't Delia Derbyshire have something to do with Dr. Who? [If I owned more albums by M, I'd be wondering about David Vorhaus as well.] Didn't that mp3 blog Spoilt Victorian Child mention Delia Derbyshire just the other day?

Ok, we're back home now. Turn out the lights. Headphones!

Side One (Phase-In):

1. Love Without Sound (Derbyshire-Vorhaus)

2. My Game of Loving (Duncan - Vorhaus)

3. Here Come The Fleas (McDonald - Vorhaus)

4. Firebird (Derbyshire - Vorhaus)

5. Your Hidden Dreams (McDonald - Vorhaus)

Side two ("Phase-Out"...yikes) when I get back from Colorado.

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