Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Lenny White's Venusian Summer

Has one of the best album covers I've ever seen. And it looks so much better full-size. Yes, there's a belated CD release, but why anyone would buy it is beyond me. This is an album cover that cries out to be airbrushed onto the side of your van.

Anyway, I got this 1975 release as part of my continuing quest to find gems by Larry Coryell. He plays guitar on one song on side two, and people who love fusion get very excited by the fact that it's (I've read) his only 70's appearance with Al Di Meola. Be still my heart!

Unfortunately, the track that Larry is on, Prince Of The Sea, is noodle, noodle, noodle, wank, wank, wank, as I'd pretty much feared. Making up for this a bit is the fact that the last song on side one, The Venusian Summer Suite, is a nice and slightly funky outer space soundtrack that opens with neato vintage synth stuff and finishes with endlessly repeating bloops and bleeps on the run-out groove (so add this album to the list of records that do that and see, CD buyers: one more reason you should have listened to me about buying the vinyl). Part One is mostly electronics, then Part Two brings the funk and the flute (or is that a synth? I'm not sure). Today's mp3 includes both parts. It keeps heading towards the things I hate about fusion, but there are enough mitigating factors to keep it out of trouble. "Dedicated to the crew of the Starship Enterprise," but of course.

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