Sunday, October 31, 2004


Halloween entry, in which we succumb to the irresistable blogger need to post kitty photos, trick English people into thinking that they'd be right at home in Fort Greene via some old-school rap, and reveal our first name so people will (hopefully) stop referring to us as "Mystical Beast" which is getting kinda creepy.

Happy Halloween. I'm putting up my Monday entry today so I can do a *scary* post.

Last week I forgot to mention that I've now been doing Mystical Beast for one full year. I'm amazed by the amount of change that's happened with the whole mp3 blog thing in that time, though I'm sad that just as the movement has gotten its biggest exposure I've had the least time to devote to this page. I recently read an mp3 blog overview where I was lumped in with the "All good music happened before you were born" crowd, which doesn't exactly describe my feelings. Main problem is I haven't had time to keep up with current stuff as much as I'd like, and most of what I have heard has been well-covered elsewhere. I'm in the midst of a career change that's occupying most of my time, and in the next few months I'm either 1. going to get a more stable routine that'll allow me to devote more time to this, or 2. get so busy that I won't have any time at all. Honestly, possibility number two is the one I'm hoping for, since it'll translate into more money for moi, though I'll miss my days as a fake rock journalist if that comes to pass.

So, back to Halloween. I've been meaning to post something by rapper Dana Dane forever, partly because he and I share the same first name. (Ok, wanna hear something really weird? His mom and my sister also have the same first name.) It was so exciting back in the second half of the 80's when his video was all over MTV: it was one of those rare periods in my life when I didn't have to explain that there are also boys named Dana (how I miss the days when Dana Carvey was on SNL). As a Halloween tie-in, here's Dana Dane's scary story about his Nightmares (Nightmares...scary...Halloween, right? Ok, maybe it's a stretch.). My readers from England may be surprised to learn that people from the projects of Fort Greene, Brooklyn speak with Her Majesty's accent. It's one of those little-known bits of Brooklyn trivia.

And here's another Dana Dane hit, Cinderfella Dana Dane. The album these are from, Dana Dane With Fame (1987, Profile) is pretty great, especially if you like Doug E. Fresh and that sort of thing. Last time I checked, the out of print CD version was pretty expensive, but vinyl copies are cheap. Very bizarre that this hasn't been reissued (unless that happened when I wasn't paying attention).

Unrelated trivia: I'm currently working with someone who played in a band, long ago, with rock critic John Pareles. If I dig up anything interesting/incriminating, I'll pass it on.

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