Friday, September 24, 2004

OK, without further ado I'd like to present the last post of the week for me... a bit late, but oh well.

Michael Hurley has been playing music for 40 years, which kinda blows my mind. He's slowly becoming more well-known, but most of his records are still completely out of print. You can buy CDR copies from him at his website, however. It sure beats paying $200 for Blue Navigator on eBay.

Hurley's first recordings were for the venerable Folkways label in '65. These recordings have recently been reissued by the good folks at Locust Records. The next record came in 1970, released on Raccoon, a label created by Hurley's childhood friend Jesse Colin Young. Armchair Boogie is the first record that really SOUNDS like Hurley, and I wanted to include this personal favorite - "Open Up".

One more record for Raccoon followed, the LP Hi Fi Snock Uptown. This seems like a good place to start, every track I've heard has been worthwhile. Check out this early version of Blue Navigator's title track, "Blue Driver".

Hurley next surfaced with the all time classic Have Moicy! record, done with the Unholy Modal Rounders and The Clamtones. In print via Rounder Records and one of the best 70's folk records ever. A new solo LP, Long Journey, followed.

Most of Hurley's 80's recordings are actually cassettes, released in some tiny editions throughout the decade. He did also release a few proper LPs, including the highly recommended Wolfways, another good starting point. From that, I decided to include a remake of his 1971 track "Eyes Eyes" 'cause it gives me chills.

The last two tracks are unreleased live versions, recorded right here in Eugene at Sam Bond's Garage club, a show I was at (but didn't record). Two more recent classics...

"Diddy Boy Twang" (orig. from Sweetkorn)
"Lush Green Trees" (orig. from Wolfways)

Thanks again to the Mystical Beast and all of the commentators. Maybe I'll be back here someday... for those who were intrigued by this week's selections,you can contact me via my blog, and I like to trade (hint, hint).


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