Friday, September 17, 2004

No post today: I'm super busy from now through the end of the weekend.

Just as a reminder, I have a guest host next week. He has some really cool stuff lined up (I peeked) so I hope you'll stick around.

If all goes well, when I next write I'll be a certified personal trainer in addition to an mp3 blogger. I wonder if there's a job that combines the two?

One last thing: I now have an extra copy of the first Hose single (longtime readers recall that this is the first release on Def Jam records, by Rick Rubin's band). The extra copy is listenable, but in bad shape and without a sleeve and therefore unsellable. If anyone wants it, free of charge, just email. The first person I hear from can have it. It's a weird little thing, and contains one pretty good song that was later covered by the Dustdevils. [Whoops, it's been claimed.]

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