Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I had first read about CocoRosie in a typically irritating and unhelpful Pitchfork review, and probably wouldn't have paid any attention to them except that I remembered that Matthew had written about them in Fluxblog previously. When I went to my iTunes library, sure enough I'd downloaded their song Butterscotch from Fluxblog. Somehow I either forgot to play it or wasn't paying attention, or maybe their stuff works better in album form, where you can get sucked into their little dream world for an extended period.

A part of me is still convinced that they're eventually going to turn out to be Simon Turner and Colin Tucker back up to their old tricks, but that's seeming less likely since CocoRosie have been performing live.

It took me a long time to get ahold of a concert recording and I was a little nervous about what to expect. It turns out, though, that they do a pretty decent job of interpreting their strange little warped-chamber-blues-in-a-sunlit-Parisian-apartment thing in the flesh. I spent a lot of time listening to this while taking the subway out to my class last week, and the experience of bursting from the tunnel on the 7 train and swooping down into Queens at sunrise, while listening to the raspy crooning of "I once fell in love with you, just because the sky turned from grey to blue" was arresting enough that it managed to pop up in my dreams more than once.

Someone elsewhere mentioned that it would be nice if this album turned out to be a one-off. I kind of have to agree. It's strange that CocoRosie are around now, playing concerts, and on a reasonably well-known label. Albums like La Maison De Mon Reve are usually the sort of thing that I discover fifteen years after the group had died in a gondola accident, so it's refreshing to know that CocoRosie are still traipsing around unscathed. I'm surprised, in a good way, that they're as popular as they are, and I don't have a good explanation as to why.

From a live performance in France, here's:

Good Friday


Techno Love Song

Footage of CocoRosie in concert can be found here, and you might want to check the main page of that site for live clips from Boyskout, The Fall and about a million other people. All shot from a little closer than I'd prefer, but that's not really a major complaint.

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