Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Ex are touring America right now, in fact I'm going to see them tonight. They are pretty much at their 25th anniversary and appear as unstoppable as ever, with a new bowed double-bass player replacing 19-year veteran Luc, a new double CD (Turn), and another photobook (of the Ethiopian tour) in the works.

MP3's of one new song and numerous older ones can be found at their website. The newsletter account of their tour of Ethiopia is one of the most amazing things I've ever read.

Another new song is at the Touch & Go website, their U.S. label.

For quite a while now, the band has also been planning a CD collection of their many singles. Since this hasn't happened yet, there may still be time to talk the band into making it a double and including everything they can possibly fit. There's a whole list of great Ex-singles not yet on CD, starting with their first, All Corpses Smell The Same. Then there's the "New Horizons In Retailing" flexi. Right before the 2nd LP (History Is What's Happening) they put out a serious leap forward in sound - the "Weapons For El Salvador" 7". From this point on they become one of my favorite bands...

The superb albums Dignity Of Labour and Tumult followed. After Tumult, we have the first truly essential candidate for reissue, the Gonna Rob The Spermbank 4-track EP, represented here by "Trash".

A prelude to the even more dizzying heights of 1984's Blueprints For A Blackout followed, a split EP with the band Alerta. The Ex's two songs, "Crap-Rap", and "Long Live The Aged", are two more prime reissue tracks.

More singles followed, including a split 7" with Kurdish band Awara that I STILL don't have. I really hope that's on the CD also. In 1991 the band did a six-single series, worthy of a CD of its own.

And tonight I get to see them! I'm so excited.

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