Tuesday, August 10, 2004


When I wrote about Kevin Tihista a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned another orchestral pop band from Chicago called Yum Yum. Here is the sad, depressing, and slightly icky story of Yum Yum. I'm presenting the short version, as it's been written about elsewhere.

So this guy named Chris Holmes decides to record an orchestral pop album (alternatively, this guy named Chris Holmes decides to become a big star) (alternatively, this guy named Chris Holmes decides to make a complex statement, using the music industry as a tool). He calls his project Yum Yum, manages to interest a major label (if I understand correctly, the order was actually label-->band) and records a very pleasant album called Dan Loves Patti. In an unassuming way, it's a very nice CD. Not a classic, but a good solid B or B- of an album. A little orchestral pop here, a touch of shoegazy guitar there, a dollop of those hushed vocals that get fans of Eric Matthews in such a tizzy.

From it, here's Train Of Thought. And here's what was supposed to be the hit single, Apiary (presented in the radio edit version...what? You never heard it on commercial radio? How strange!).

Fine. No problem. But then his really smart friend writes this incredibly long and complex article for Harper's magazine. It was all a joke. I meant to do that. I was making a point.

Oh really, said most people who had heard the album and didn't live in caves.

The sad thing, as far as I'm concerned, is that the Harper's article is so off-putting, so smug, asinine, just irritating in so many ways, that it pretty much ruins the record. Dan Loves Patti just isn't that good, and now every time I hear it I think of the annoying people behind that article and get distracted. If you're enjoying the mp3s, you might just want to skip all the other links in this post.

Apparently the Harper's powers that be never did admit that they were full of shit. (Unless they did it when I wasn't in the room.)

Dan Loves Patti can be found in a used CD bin near you, most likely for less than a dollar. At that price it's an excellent deal.

In view of all the above, I have no real opinion (or interest) in this. I wonder if anyone does.

(I'm probably going to add one more track later on, but I'm still looking for somewhere to stash it. Ok, found a spot. Here's Doot-Doot.)

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