Thursday, August 26, 2004


Today's post picks up where yesterday's left off...

Moving along towards next week's theme, here's a band from New York called Bongwater covering a song called The Drum (no, the original version does not contain the word "bongwater"). Bongwater was a collaboration between Kramer (who has produced millions of great albums, including everything by Galaxie 500, and who was called "Kramer" before Seinfeld was a glimmer in a water-cooler's eye) and actor/performer/presence Ann Magnuson. Bongwater deserve more discussion, but there's no time for that now.

Here's a song called Blue Flower, as covered by snoozegazers Mazzy Star. I think that just about everyone reading this knows Mazzy Star. I was recently surprised to learn that vinyl copies of their albums bring out the bidders on eBay. Who knew?

Continuing tomorrow...

[Unrelated: I recently got one of those "I love your site, your the best, hey i just found this cool website that has great bands, why dont you check it out," emails, and being bored, I did. I have no comment on the bands on the site, but my irritation at their promo department is almost mitigated by the fact that the site plays Neu's Hallo Gallo in the background while you're browsing. If you've never heard that great song, here's your chance to do so while looking at a polar bear.]

[Wow, as I look more closely, if you play around with the Radio section on that site, you can hear a bunch of Neu tracks. They're one of the biggies of Krautrock, and really pleasant to have on in the background while writing emails, etc. They have a "!" after their name, but it makes punctuation look strange, so I often leave it off.]

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