Friday, August 27, 2004


Today's post continues on from yesterday.

Here's UK Shoegazing types The Pale Saints doing yet another version of Blue Flower. This is from their album In Ribbons which came out in 1992, two years after Mazzy Star did their cover of the same song. Someone might want to write to Allmusic and explain to them that Mazzy Star didn't write Blue Flower. They seem a little confused on the subject. To be fair, though, the Pale Saints really seem to be covering the Mazzy Star version of the song rather than the original. This seems even more likely given that the Pale Saints had previously covered a track by Clay Allison/Opal called Fell From The Sun (Clay Allison and Opal were pre-Mazzy Star bands of Dave Roback...Fell From The Sun was released under both names). Here's the Opal version of that, from their Early Recordings.

And finally, here's a guy named Anthony Moore, though sometimes he spells his last name More, performing a song, not Blue Flower. It's called Timeless Strange, but it may sound familiar if you've been following along. You Pink Floyd fans may recognize his name from the credits of several post-Waters tracks.

On Monday I'll finally get to the point.

But wait! Stop the presses!! It doesn't end, because moments ago Simon of Spoilt Victorian Child was nice enough to send me a song that I've been looking for for years. So here's yet another version of The Drum (see yesterday's post if you missed the first version), this time by The Impossibles (who are clearly covering the Bongwater take on the song, not the original). Thanks Simon!!

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