Thursday, August 12, 2004

There'll be two posts today. This one, which links to someplace else, and then later on I'll have a repeat of an old column, expanded with a few extra songs.

I was trying to decide what to put on my iPod for the plane ride out to Minnesota. My flight leaves early. I'm going to have to get up at about 4:30 am, so I'm planning on being exhausted, which means loud rock 'n' roll is probably out.

As it happens, the answer fell into my lap yesterday. I was poking around for information on a slightly rare Larry Coryell-related album that I recently found, and discovered The Kosmigroov Konnection. (I'm surprised I never found this page before. I'll bet lots of people have linked to it. Ah, I see DJ Martian does.) If you go to the recordings page, there are seven huge mp3s of spacy-jazz type mixes. Dial-up people are pretty much out of luck: we're talking 80Mb or so. I downloaded Cosmic Jazz Journeys last night and it's exactly what I was looking for. The tracklisting (songs segue into each other on the mix):

lonnie liston smith -- siad (egypt)
oneness of juju -- space jungle funk space
black renaissance -- black renaissance
mike koskinen -- 60 winslow
carlos garnett -- taurus woman
norman connors -- morning changes
norman connors -- dreams
eddie henderson -- anua
marcus belgrave -- space oddysey
woddy shaw -- love: for the one you can't have

Perfect for groggy me at a high altitude. There's lots of info and reviews and links on the site, making it a pretty fantastic resource if you're looking into this type of music. Basically we're talking slightly trippy, mystical, jazzy stuff that's often from the 70's. Or, in their words, "Kozmigroov is a transgressive improvisational music which combines elements of psychedelia, spirituality, jazz, rock, soul, funk, and African, Latin, Brazillian, Indian and Asian influences culminating into an all encompassing cosmic groove." Alice Coltrane is probably a good example of the sort of thing they're talking about.

(And of course, five hundred people ran out and tried to download this and overloaded the guy's server. As far as I can tell, it's currently running way too slow. I'd suggest waiting a few days and then going back.)

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