Monday, August 23, 2004

Over the weekend I found a link to this amazing site, which documents Camp Records ["The Most Outrageous (and Queerest) Record Label of the 60s "]. Really great stuff to enliven your next mix tape, plus find out what Rodney Dangerfield was up to in the early 60's. The song Good Old Fashioned Balls shocked, I repeat, shocked me. You mean to tell me that AC/DC didn't invent the concept behind their high-concept Big Balls out of thin air?! (This version courtesy of The Dwarves from a tribute album.)

In other news, there's a new album by Tegan & Sara due in a few weeks, to be titled So Jealous. Go ahead and tell your Lilith Fair jokes, 'cause in a day or two I'm going to have Tegan & Sara day and hopefully wipe that smirk off of your face. Production on the new one, as on their last album, by several New Pornographers and keyboards by the guy from the Rentals.

Meanwhile, mull this over:

(The Philosophy of Momus)


(I wish I could claim to be the person who spotted that one.)

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