Friday, August 06, 2004

I wasn't planning on posting today, but changed my mind. The link to the mp3s is at the bottom of this post, and the post itself is kind of stream of consciousness, so you might just want to skip it. Seriously.

Yesterday, for the first time since I started this blog, a publicist forwarded me some mp3s and info about a band that not only wasn't terrible, but was actually good enough that I requested the CD. Truly amazing. (I don't usually talk about bands that I don't like here, unless their name is Fountains of Wayne, so I've never discussed the submissions that I get). So I've heard some mp3s and now I'm waiting for the CD to arrive, and I'll write about it when I hear it (unless another mp3 blogger does it first).

The main thing that intrigued me about the group, let's call them "Band X," is that they're hugely influenced by some 80's bands, but by some very unexpected ones, i.e. not by the usual post-punk or dance-pop suspects. So I was in an 80's state of mind, and I got to thinking that I haven't seen any mp3 blog links to another 80's influenced band The Lovemakers (just to be clear, The Lovemakers aren't Band X). It's really hard to double check this, so I apologize if I missed someone. Needless to say, there's something about them at Jenyk, but nothing gets by him!

The Lovemakers are busy recording their next album for Interscope right now, and presumably they'll be huge. I hear them as a cross between Freezepop and Duran Duran. They've got some of Freezepop's geeky sequencers approach (though their cute girl is sexier than Freezepop's more bookish cute girl) and a melodic and style sense that often screams Duran Duran. They have a "sexy" video (the quotes are there on purpose) for their song Internet Girlfriend. The thing about that song/video: in general it's pretty dumb (softcore lesbian doings while he said/she said about her internet gal pal) but some of the lines are funnier than I'd expected. Like when he pleads "We live together and we have a cat...Internet Jen's got nothing on that." It's all a little too obvious, but shows promise.

So, I can kind of see why this band has a buzz. Nonetheless, I can't help but think that if The Dandy Warhols continue their 80's bound trajectory, their next album could wipe the floor with The Lovemakers: say what you will about Courtney Taylor, but he can write a killer hook when he focuses, and if he ever masters beats he could be a force to be reckoned with. Time will tell.

In the meantime, The Lovemaker's mp3s are here, and I highly recommend checking out the song Dance if you haven't heard it...seriously great chorus. I was surprised to find myself enjoying some of the remixes as well (I usually don't like remixes). And the video's there as well. This is all pretty old news, but I'm assuming that they'll be back in the spotlight within the next year so it can't hurt to be prepared.

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