Saturday, August 28, 2004

I used to run a message each weekend explaining this blog. I should probably start doing that again. Maybe next week. The gist of it was that I named the blog after a children's book by Alison Farthing called The Mystical Beast. It was all part of a complicated metaphor having to do with the fact that the book The Mystical Beast (which isn't a masterpiece, but does have a strange quirky charm) isn't rare, but you can't find much of any info about it or its author on the internet (unless things have changed since the last time I looked). So I started my blog The Mystical Beast to deal with music that isn't exactly rare, but which has been somehow overlooked or forgotten. I've been pretty fast and loose with that definition though and I often wish I'd picked a different name, since 4 out of 10 people misread the title as "Mythical Beast" and 3 out of 10 think that it's a pseudonym that I'm writing under (which is partly my fault since I post semi-anonymously...I think that may be ending soon).

Anyway, I'm posting today because I finally broke down and got a Mac account. I've been hosting my files on the space that comes with my AOL account, and you don't even want to know how dumb an idea that is (though it was pretty cheap). I'm kind of amazed that it's worked thus far. Would you believe that when I first started this blog I was using dial up! Those were the days...waiting two hours for the mp3s to upload. Aaah, memories! So I wanted to test out the Mac account, so I'm posting two weekend-only files. Let me know if they don't download, download slowly, etc.

First, here's yet another cover of Blue Flower, this time by the Electronica Etcetera group Hermann & Kleine. As with many of the covers I've posted over the last few days, it seems inspired by another cover version rather than the original song. In this case, it's pretty clearly a revision of the Pale Saints' version of the song.

And here's a neat track from a neat blog that I recently discovered (I'm going to add it to my links list as soon as Blogger lets me). The song is called Y Teimlad, and it's the original version of a track that Super Furry Animals covered on their all Welsh album Mwng (don't be scared by the language...Mwng is possibly their best album). This is by Datblygu, and I got it from Pop Peth. I'm really happy that someone is documenting the Welsh music scene in an mp3 blog. There's only one small difficulty with Pop Peth, which you'll discover when you click the link.

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