Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I have this plan to sneak up on my topic for next week.

Since the German band Can recently came up on another mp3 blog, I'll start there. Here's a song by them called Oh Yeah. It comes from a 1971 album called Tago Mago which is as good a candidate as any for Can's best album. The singer is named Damo Suzuki and his vocals are only backwards for the first part of the song. Can are a band that you probably want to be familiar with: they were great, influential, and they come up a lot when music critics start talking. I'd recommend buying compilation albums as a good way to get to know the band, as they went through a number of very different sounding stages.

Here's a song by The Fall (we all know The Fall, right?) called I Am Damo Suzuki. It's from a 1985 album called This Nation's Saving Grace, which is as good a candidate as any for The Fall's best album. A lot of you have probably heard this. If you haven't heard Can's Oh Yeah, you might want to pay close attention to that song starting about 3 minutes 22 seconds into the track.

Trivia worth knowing: Damo Suzuki became a Jehovah's Witness (it's almost impossible to understand Mark Smith's lyrics in the Fall song unless you know this sort of thing). Can also have a song called Vitamin C. Can's first singer was named Malcolm Mooney. The band The Mooney Suzuki hooked up with The Matrix (last seen getting a lap dance from Liz Phair) for their most recent release.

Moving along, here's The Fall covering a song called War. This is from their 1994 album Middle Class Revolt which isn't bad, but isn't a good candidate for the best Fall album.

I promise this is all heading somewhere. More tomorrow...

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