Monday, August 16, 2004


I got back from Minnesota kind of late last night, so I'm really just throwing today's post up without much preparation. I actually hate things like this, which are basically the musical equivalent of the Freak Show: it looks fascinatingly awful, you pay your money and, surprise, it's awful! A friend made a copy of this for me, so I don't feel bitter, but really, albums like this seem to exist for no other reason than to torment record collectors. It's hard to read the type on the cover in the above scan: Mae is saying "Come on up and Rock with Me."

If you're sure you're in the mood to throw money out the window, CDR's of the album can apparently be purchased here (those with long memories for trivia may recall that the song It's a Smiley Face World from another CD sold on this site made some very tiny waves a few years ago).

I know that a few tracks from the album have been anthologized by Rhino on their Golden Throats series. I didn't have time to check to see if the songs I'm posting are available on those CDs or elsewhere.

Anyway, this is for real and it's pretty scary. Here's Day Tripper, When A Man Loves A Woman and Treat Him Right.

The New York Times has an article today on mp3 blogs and major labels and such. Thanks to fluxblog for the heads up.

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