Thursday, July 29, 2004

Short post today...

Nightblooms, Nightblooms, sis boom blah blah blah...I've written about them a bunch.  I've also done a post or two on Safe Home, which is what former Nightblooms Esther Sprikkelman and Harry Otten are up to these days.  "Low profile" doesn't begin to describe Safe Home.

For the few who are still following this story, they've posted streaming files of five songs from their forthcoming album here.  Forthcoming when, where and how?  Who can say?

I'll be blunt:  I miss the days when they were loud and shoegazy or loud and glam-poppy.  But I do love Esther's breathy, lispy voice, and the new material is nice to listen to when you're in a mellow mood.  I still dream of, say, a Safe Home/Magic Dirt collaboration, but you take what you get in this world.

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