Tuesday, July 27, 2004

No mp3 today, but I have added three blogs to my list and I thought I'd explain why.

Spoilt Victorian Child has assumed the position (vacated by the apparently defunct Classical Gasp) of blog that almost always posts tracks that I like instantly.  If you don't have the Jesus and Mary Chain's version of Vegetable Man, I'd hustle on over there.  He's also had an uncanny knack lately of posting original versions of songs that I only knew via covers.  He even managed to post a Talking Heads song that I like (a neat live guitar rave-up Psycho Killer), and that is some major acheivment!

Six Eyes deserves my gratitude for revealing that some of those 7" only Sugarplastic tracks are available for download on their record label's website.  The place to find them is here, and they're pretty good.  I'm regretting not having subscribed to the series.  (Quick reminder:  Sugarplastic are in XTC territory and my original post on them is here.)

An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming seems to focus on accesible weirdness:  weird stuff that's actually worth checking out.  Go there for Shaggs, Merzbow, and lord knows what's to come.  His list of current favorite albums includes Comus, Spacemen 3, Momus and Tallulah Gosh.

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