Friday, July 23, 2004

Hi.  I have a new post coming on Monday, but I thought I'd warm up with a link.  It's pretty much only for the converted.

I've posted about the Belgian band Thou several times before.  Lately it's looking like they won't be touring the US anytime soon (their profile here in the States is pretty darn low) so I was happy to find four videos from a live show.  And boy did I have to wade through a lot of non-English sites to find them...I deserve a medal!  None of these are likely to blow anyone away, but it was interesting to me to see Thou performing songs from their 2004 album I Like Girls In Russia, and it'll probably interest all ten of their other fans in America.  So go here.  (I recommend Roam as the best choice if you only have time to watch one.)  I wouldn't call their stage presence "electrifying" but you take what you get...

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