Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The great blog The Suburbs Are Killing Us (link is to the left of this page) has a song by Chumbawamba up called "Everything You Know Is Wrong" which reminds me that back when I wrote about Christmas (the band) I never posted a song of theirs called Everything You Know Is Wrong which comes from their somewhat loopy and great debut In Excelsior Dayglo.  Compare and contrast!

One feature that I really wanted to run, but won't be doing, was to post some issues of Gerard Cosloy's old Conflict zine.  For those who don't know, he's one of the guys who founded Matador Records (you know, the label that put out the Dizzee Rascal CD in the US).  Way before that, though, he was one of the founding fathers of a certain ultra-sarcastic/insider approach to writing about independant music with Conflict which he wrote/published/distributed.  If you search the internet you may be surprised to see how little of it turns up:  there's the odd excerpt here and there, but for the most part it's nowhere to be found, which is kind of surprising.  Now I know why. 

I had asked him for permission to reprint some issues, but he (very nicely) wouldn't ok it.  His reasons seemed good (basically he doesn't stand behind some of the material and he doesn't want someone else to screw up his work by putting it in a dumb context, etc.).  He mentioned that he might republish them someday in his blog or elsewhere, but that he doesn't plan to for now.

I'm kind of sad about that.  Conflict can be a little bit much sometime (when I said "sarcasm" I wasn't kidding, and some of his worship of GG Allin, etc. didn't age well) but it's an absolute treasure trove of info about 80's music and there's a lot in it that has never made it to the internet.   Copies show up on eBay from time to time (usually for a few bucks) and it's well worth getting ahold of them if you have any interest in non-major-label music from the days before everyone loved alternative.

That was a long story without much of a point, but I thought I'd talk about that because one of the bands that he hyped the hell out of in Conflict (and on his record labels) was...Christmas.  Now you know.

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