Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So this is the last new post for at least the next month or so. Thanks for reading. It's been a fun experience, and I've gotten to know a whole lot more about my CD/record collection than I did before I started. Tomorrow and Friday I'm rerunning a couple of older posts, including that Lisa Suckdog one (I'm really glad someone requested that).

If you have a site that links to me, you might want to delete the link as there isn't going to be any action here for a while. I'm hoping to resume eventually, but it's not a sure thing.

When I started this, I had a list of bands that I wanted to make sure I covered. First, of course, there were the Dustdevils whose Struggling Electric and Chemical remains one of the ultimate used CD bargains (if you buy it give it a lot of's absolutely not a love-on-first-listen CD). Other groups/musicians especially dear to my heart are Cha Cha Cohen, Sammy/Laptop, Magic Dirt, Swans (damn, I never did do much on them), a very specific period of Kim Fowley, Thou, and the Nightblooms.

Looking back, I realize that I never posted my favorite Nightblooms track. It's a long one, but it covers an incredible amount of territory. It's got breathy girl vocals, great melodies (quite a few of them), arena-ready production, guitar solos worthy of Brian May, and a fake ending that's so convincing that it took me years to realize that it was a fake ending. And a surprise ending when it really does come to a stop. Did I mention the talk-box guitar solo? I hope you like Shatterhand. If you do, the album that it comes from is called 24 Days At Catastrofe Cafe and, like that Dustdevils CD, it's a perennial bargain bin gem.

Special thanks to Paula Carino who asked me "So, do you have a blog?" one day last year. Thanks to Tofu Hut, TTIKTDA and Close Your Eyes for their early support, and to The Morning News for the Best Pop/Rock thing.

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