Friday, June 25, 2004


So after a week of Cherry Red/El Records related class and style and pomp and flair, I had thought that a no wave band would make an especially nice change of pace for today. I changed my mind when I got a CD in the mail a few days ago. This is just too perfect, but Bleach (the Japanese band that I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago) turned out to have a CD on...Cherry Red Records, with the design by El Graphic. How great is that? It came out last year and it's called Three Girls From Okinawa.

Just to warn you, this will take the paint off of your teeth.

My favorite song of theirs remains the glorious Shikai No Haba. I now know (thanks to the translated song titles on the Cherry Red CD) that this means something like Width Of A Field Of View (I've also seen it translated as "Field Of Vision" which makes more sense). The other track of theirs from the Japan Nite Sound Sampler (where I first heard them) isn't on the Cherry Red CD but it's also great. So here's Otoko Icchyokusen (that's the spelling I have; the website I've seen spells it differently).

Three Girls From Okinawa is basically three songs from Bleach's first album and the entirety of their second album. I've finally found a good page with info on the band here, including lots of photos and an interview. I feel kind of lame for being several years behind on their discography, but I try not to order CDs from Japan when I think they might get US/UK releases in the near future. It seems possible. I'm kicking myself for missing their recent US tour. Ouch!

Here's one track that originally appeared on their second CD. The English title is Trembling Flower. There's one part (15 seconds left in the song) where it sounds like she says "Riot Girl" but I'm pretty sure it's just a sound-alike Japanese phrase that means "Don't touch my moustache" or something like that.

Another great thing about Three Girls From Okinawa: it includes a short video. The quality isn't amazing, but this band has some serious charisma, and there's really nothing like watching a cute girl wearing a kitty-ear hat while she and her pals make Unwound sound like the Free Design. Even on a tiny little Quicktime screen, this band kicks ass. It's like one of those Japanimation moments where a cute little space kitty suddenly shoots a nuclear blast out of its tail that destroys a planet. Go Bleach!! The majority of American rockers should take a moment to hang their heads in shame for failing to kick such ass. Go Bleach!!

(They have one song called The Night Story, and I swear there's one spot where it sounds like she's screaming "Pikachu!" I don't want to know if I'm mishearing that.)

(I've seen this mentioned elsewhere, but I can't overemphasize: the cover art of Three Girls From Okinawa is extremely misleading. Don't be mislead. Bleach ain't pop-punk.)

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