Tuesday, June 08, 2004

One last day in bubblegum land.

Ron Dante (the voice behind a lot of things, including the Archies' Sugar, Sugar) left The Cuff Links after their first album and its hit Tracy (maybe "left" isn't the best way to put it...he stopped providing his vocals).

His lead singer spot was apparently taken over by Rupert Holmes, best known for the icky Escape (The Pina Colada Song), for a second, self-titled Cuff Links album that came out in 1970 (I don't think it's on CD, though vinyl copies are fairly cheap).

Included on the second record is a nice version of the Edison Lighthouse one-hit-wonder Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) which had been released in early 1970 (i.e. The Cuff Links didn't waste a second ripping it off). If you haven't heard it, be aware that the original version is one of the best one-hit-wonder things out there, and this version is very satisfactory.

I like the rest of the album a lot, with the exception of their anti-pollution song Mister Big(Oh What A Beautiful Day) whose rapier-like wit includes an outro where loud coughing partially obscures the chorus. Aside from that stab at social commentary, it's mostly about girls and love: Bobbie, Run Sally Run (I think Dante did backing vocals on this one), Jennifer Tomkins and Afraid of Tomorrow (hmmm, that intro sounds familiar).

In case you don't know what to expect, I'd say that parts of Belle & Sebastian's most recent album are, oddly enough, in a very similar style to a lot of this (not including the vocals). I'm really impressed by the quality of the Cuff Links' second album: it's much better than it probably needed to be.

By the way, I had mentioned a long time ago that I expected to end this blog around May. It's still going, but I'm likely to get really busy in the near future. I think for a while I'll go to every-other-day or so if I can't keep up daily posts, though I've also thought of just taking the summer off (we should all be outside in the sun!). I'll see, but if you don't see updates in the near future, that's what's going on.

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