Friday, June 18, 2004

No Wave Friday

(But just barely.)

For next week I have a day or two planned where I'll be posting songs that are flawed in some major way. Why? Because they have a great riff or a fantastic melody or something that makes them very much worth hearing, even if the production or the performance or the nature of the band gets in the way.

For today, though, I have a song that probably wouldn't be at all interesting except for one single element that completely transforms it. This is an aspect of recording that I find it kind of fun to speculate about: you have a song that's pretty good but it's missing something. What do you add? Maybe a tambourine during the chorus? Maybe a cow-bell during the intro? An extra harmony part? A weird electronic effect? Backward guitar solo? Or maybe you could do what the Y-Pants did on That's The Way Boys Are.

(For info on this No Wave descended, all female, occasional toy-instrument playing gang go here and here and here.)

Someone wrote and asked if I could re-post Hilly Michaels' Calling All Girls, and I decided to do that today because I've been regretting not posting one other track from his album: Close Encounters. Love that "outer space" reverb on the vocals! The original Hilly Michaels post is here.

Do I have space left? Yes I do. Continuing from yesterday, Soda Pop is another great Grifters non-album single, though I believe that this one did make it to a Shangri-La (one of their labels) CD compilation. It's one of several Grifters' songs that seem to begin with the song crashing to a halt, before someone (in this case the drummer) decides to forge onward. This one really grows on you, with a skip-beat chorus that epitomizes great/dumb rock lyrics: "Bop, Bop, Soda-Pop!" Again, hope you like it! As is often the case with Grifters singles, it sounds better loud.

Last thing: I got an interesting comment yesterday. If you're a fan of Crash or Mark Dumais, or of Magnetic Fields-related projects, you might want to go to this post and read the comment. I also learned that there is a Crash CD called Everything Under The Sun (I had no idea). Back to eBay...

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