Tuesday, June 29, 2004

No protests, so here's another Band Of Susans track from their final album Here Comes Success. Yesterday's post has the details on Pardon My French. The lyrics are pretty good, including a Rolling Stones referencing line that goes:

I say Keith unroll the girl in the rug, you once were so cool but now you're fucked, when you wake up from this you'll need to look for new drugs

and another one:

We're stalking all the stalkers, our faith replaced our walkers, the Virgin's tears are real or the priest's a fast talker.

I mention this because you don't usually think of lyrics when you think of BoS (you think of slabs of guitar) so they're easily overlooked.

Even if you're not into this kind of music, that multiple-guitar trick at the beginning is really cool...I'd think that it would make any music fan at least laugh in admiration. Hopefully you'll either listen on headphones or in a situation where you get a stereo image.


I never got very far with my "flawed songs" project. To recap, I was going to post a slew of great songs that are severely flawed by some defect or other. They're good enough that they should be heard, but the version in your head will always be better than the one on your stereo.

Love As Laughter's #1 USA was going to be a prime example. One single crippling flaw: no bass. The song is a great Stonesy rocker with neat interlocking guitar parts and a killer piano-stomping chorus. But it absolutely, positively, no-questions-about-it fails to kick into the necessary overdrive because the rhythm section is just the drums. Anyone want to see if Steven McDonald can help?

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