Saturday, June 26, 2004

At the end of June I'm going to be taking a fairly long break. If there are any past posts that anyone would like to see re-posted(because you missed them while the mp3s were available) feel free to email me. If any days get a significant number of requests (more than 2), I'll put them up on Thursday and Friday.

This message will run each weekend (until I get sick of it). I thought it would be nice to explain how things work here, but I couldn't find an aesthetic way to work it into the format of the page.

Mystical Beast usually posts 2-3 mp3's a day, although when I find a worthwhile link I may point to it instead. Mp3's are archived for as long as they appear on the main page. Once the main entry gets archived, the mp3's go away. If you came here looking for a particular song but got here too late, feel free to write to me and I'll see if I can help.

I greatly appreciate comments, especially corrections. In general, I try to concentrate on bands that weren't particularly obscure, but somehow got lost in the shuffle. Although it's tempting to post rarities, I find that rare tracks are often rare for a reason, so I'll often post the songs I like the best.

The title of the blog comes from Alison Farthing's strange children's book "The Mystical Beast." The book was not particularly hard to find, but its author seems to have been especially successful at evading the internet's grasp.

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