Sunday, June 06, 2004


As long as I've stepped into Bubblegum land with last week's Sugar Bears post, I may as well go with it. I have the feeling this has been done elsewhere, but oh well.

The Banana Splits were kind of the Beatles of the animated/wearing-fuzzy-suits world, and the bootleg CD that compiles many (not all, apparently) of their songs is worth tracking down on the merits of the music alone. I like the Sugar Bears, but the Banana Splits were much more rock 'n' roll. Less consistent than the Bears, but their best songs are classics.

There's a fantastic page on Bubblegum here, and lots of info about the Banana Splits can be easily googled.

Probably the best Banana Splits track is the psych-rocker I Enjoy Being A Boy (I strongly urge you to download this if you haven't heard it). I'm also really fond of In New Orleans (I keep expecting MF Doom to sample the opening with its great sitar) and Wait Till Tomorrow.

Finally, I guess it would be mean not to post the Tra La La song.

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