Thursday, May 13, 2004

Updated the template (permalinks should finally work). I'll try to update the comments also (switched to blogger's comments)(then switched right back...don't like the blogger comments). Today's post will probably be late. I have one question: is Phoebe Summersquash *really* so popular that a different person comes to my site after googling her like every other day, or are you a stalker, or is that you googling yourself, Summersquash? Come out with your hands up!

Only one track today and I'm taking tomorrow off. Back on Monday as usual.

Yesterday, Nick Noyes briefly mentioned the band Alice Donut. Despite being on the Alternative Tentacles label (possibly because their lead singer's voice rivaled Jello's for, um, distinctiveness) they were actually pretty fun, combining some reasonably catchy rock with surreal/humorous lyrics. There's a very California-subversive feel to a lot of their material, so it's no surprise that they did a song based on a Chick comic book. This is Lisa's Father, which is my favorite song of theirs. I should probably do more on another day. [Who knew, they're back together with a new-ish album. Details.]

I've been wondering if I should post some Nellie McKay, or does everyone already have her album? Rarely have I gone from being so utterly embarrassed by someone to being so utterly enthralled. I've been listening to a bunch of her live patter, and she sounds every bit as self-absorbed in that context as on the album, but I just can't care in the face of the quality of her material.

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