Wednesday, May 19, 2004

There are a few Brian Eno related things going on, so I thought I'd post some songs of his today. His four rock albums have been re-released, and what's kind of nice is that they haven't been remastered (they were "re-transferred" -- details can be found here) which means I don't have to go buy them again. No bonus tracks either. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to two death-related revelations: finding out who Deep Throat was and hearing Eno's unreleased rock songs.

I'm not sure if they planned it to coincide with the above, but Eno tribute band 801 are playing at the Knitting Factory (NY) tonight. I've yet to hear a truly bad cover of an Eno song so I'm assuming that the show should be at least fun, and given that my gym is right next to the club and that I usually finish around the show time of 8:00, odds are good that I'll check it out. Also on the bill is Ida, who've recorded one Eno cover (Golden Hours, which does kind of go on though it's basically nice) and who have a history of playing all covers shows. Maybe they'll do Roxy Music? I should probably see them: I used to work with Dan Littleton some years ago when he was a waiter and it's kind of hard for me to picture him as a rock star!

In case you're going to the show and want a point of comparison, there is one well-known live Eno set from 1974 (consisting of recordings from several sources, some better than others) that pops up on various bootlegs. I think it's most commonly known as Dali's Car, though I have it on vinyl as Floating In Sequence. From that, here's The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch (which actually has pretty decent sound, as I listen to it again). The next three tracks are kind of blah, though one of them is Brian doing a version of Fever that's sort of interesting. But the album ends with a great Baby's On Fire going into I'll Come Running.

Someone visiting my site has a link to something neat: this place where I learn that an album that I've been totally unsuccessful in tracking down is going to be reissued. I've heard Bill Fox's solo recordings (sort of Dylan-y stuff) and been generally uninterested, but I knew that he was once in a semi-legendary band called The Mice. But, between the fact that there's another completely different band called Mice who just confuse things, and the fact that The Mice were pretty obscure, I never did manage to hear their album. Anyway, it's apparently coming out this summer, and the people doing it (Scat Records, best known as home of Guided By Voices) have mp3's posted. Also details on the upcoming expanded version of GbV's Bee Thousand which will probably be the first thing related to that band that I'm going to want to buy since...Bee Thousand.

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