Friday, May 21, 2004

Normally on Fridays I focus on a No Wave band or something related, but given all the new visitors I'm going to postpone the next item on my list of things to do (New Music From Antarctica Volume 1 which, I'm guessing, has a limited appeal). Instead, I'm going to go with a later band and keep it briefer than usual. Then something from the early days of MTV.

God Is My Co-Pilot were a 90's outfit formed by Craig Flanagin and Sharon Topper. He wrote most of the songs, she sang most of them. Otherwise the band at times pretty much included anyone who's ever set foot in the Knitting Factory (NYC club that used to be one of the main gathering holes for the downtown avant garde), which inevitably included some ex-No Wavers. The music tended towards skronk (usually meaning the sound of Arto Lindsay's guitar playing) with about a million other influences. Lots of band details can be found here. If I had to do one of those "x sound like y + z" things I'd go with "Godco were like the Waitresses (boy writes for girl about girlstuff) + Bratmobile (playground/politics) + No New York."

GodCo released over 300 (maybe a lot more, I got tired of counting) songs across way too many albums, singles, etc. If you've ever looked through a "G" section in a used record store in NY, you've likely seen a GodCo album. As payback, I'm representing the band by one song. I thought about doing more, but decided that an overview was pointless. This is Double Zero from a single called Sharon Quite Fancies Jo that they put out in '94. It's pretty funny, and it's possibly the first GodCo track I've ever heard that I immediately wanted to hear again. I find it hard to believe that anyone really needs more than one release by GodCo, but finding which one is the one for you is the tricky part. Mine turns out to be a four song single. Maybe yours is a limited edition flexi-disc. I wish you luck.

Just as GodCo is known to most "G" section browsers, anyone who watched MTV in its early days knows Hilly Michaels, but Allmusic couldn't be bothered to review his albums and I don't think he's very well-known these days. The song that played on MTV (with a video that I can still remember nearly 20 years after last seeing it) was Calling All Girls from an album with the same name. It reminds me a little of a bubblegum version of Roxy Music. The rest of the record is pretty good too and I'll post more on Monday. Unless someone snuck it out when I wasn't looking, it's never been on CD.

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