Tuesday, May 04, 2004

In that message that I run every weekend it says that when I find a worthwhile site hosting mp3s I may link to it instead of posting. But I never seem to do that. I think I'm going to take myself up on the offer today, partly because I have something especially good planned for tomorrow, and partly because I need to set up my old turntable (recent cat vet bills having scuttled my plan to have my Thorens, which won't play at 45rpm, repaired).

Pehr is a record label that knows what it likes: mostly slow, moody bands that usually sound like My Bloody Valentine, Flying Saucer Attack, early Kraftwerk, Galaxie 500, Mogwai and so on. I find that in this genre, small details make the difference between bands that I don't mind playing in the background and bands that I might actually be interested in, and I have the feeling that the details that appeal to me might not be the ones that grab you. Luckily, Pehr has a ton of mp3s on their site. If you have a fast connection you can assemble a really nice-sized compilation, and given that all the bands are working similar territory it flows very well. There isn't a single track that I actively dislike, and a handful stand out from the pack. I'd especially recommend the tracks by Empress, Of Normandy and Picastro, but why not just download everything and see what clicks (be aware that the mp3s are stashed in a number of places, so make sure to check all the pages: current, past, non-pehr, etc.). BTW, as far as I can tell, the band Hula (not my favorite, but fans of Low might want to give a listen) seem to be on their way to getting some attention.

Just to get you started, here's one track from the site by Pehr-distributed band Experimental Aircraft.

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