Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I spent way too much time reading hip-hop bulletin board posts about MF Doom in preparation for today. What I basically learned is that either he has terrible flow or great flow and that he's either underrated or overrated. And that I still have no idea what flow means (and I'm not saying that to make one of those cheap "I can't understand them thar black people" jokes...it seems to have as many definitions as "rockism" and I'm getting the impression that it has the same meaning: people you don't like are rockists and have weak flow.)

Anyway, Doom is the only hip-hop type who I really keep track of, mainly because I've been unsuccessful in finding anyone else who combines his smarts and slacker attitude since Basehead, I think. This probably reflects more on me than on hip-hop, but I've got to say that cracking the puzzle of how to find more rappers like MF Doom has been a tough one. Maybe there aren't any. Maybe there are, but they're hiding. Or maybe I still haven't found the right people to ask. To date, the only real lead I've ever gotten was Count Bass D, and that didn't pan out as well as I'd hoped.

Anyway, the forthcoming Doom album is largely about food. Here's a track, maybe not the best on the album but the sample should make you smile, which I believe is called Cookies. From what I've heard (the copy that's floating around...who knows if it'll change prior to release) the new CD is very listenable but slightly lightweight. I'm sure it'll get a ton of press, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the reviews say. Personally, at this point I prefer the Viktor Vaughn album from last year (I still don't really like this year's Madvillainy album, though I probably haven't listened to it enough).

Just cleaning up loose ends. A while back I did a bit on Crash, the band that Kurt Ralske was in before he formed Ultra Vivid Scene. I meant to post the original Crash version of Don't Look Now (Now!), which Kurt re-did as a UVS b-side, but at the time my stereo wasn't playing 45s. So here it is. Like most Crash stuff, the production could be better, but I think I prefer this approach to the song to Ralske's version. Also, I keep being tormented by thoughts of how this would sound as performed by Morrissey (who was pretty clearly an influence on Mark Dumais' vocal style).

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