Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Beatles & The Stones

Yesterday I wrote a lot, so today I'm only writing a little.

In 1999 Sub Pop band the Spinanes put out a really charming little 7" single that hasn't ever made it to CD (and it really shouldn't ever go there as it's perfect as is). It's a small tribute to the Rolling Stones and features cover art nicked very nicely from Between the Buttons, which happens to be my favorite Stones album.

On the single are two cover versions from that record. One is She Smiled Sweetly (with the lyrics altered to reflect the female singer) and the other is a neat version of All Sold Out that I sometimes think I like better than the original. Wow, I just checked and it looks like the single is still in print over on the Sub Pop site. Highly recommended as fun little indie-rock novelties go.

Last week I promised that I'd post Das Damen's Song For Michael Jackson to $ell. There.

Finally, one more Stones song. This is Devo doing Satisfaction, from their hard-to-find live album The Mongoloid Years. The song is from a live performance at Max's Kansas City in May of 1977. That drum part remains one of the most counter-intuitive things I've heard.

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