Thursday, April 29, 2004

One of my cats had to go to the emergency room yesterday (male cat...blocked urethra... he's OK but it was scary) so I didn't have much the chance to think about music for today. So, I'm going to rely on the old MP3 blogger's standby and post something rare without too much comment.

When famous New Zealand label Flying Nun celebrated its 10-year anniversary, one of their party goodies was a cassette tape called Roger Sings the Hits, which featured a handful of Flying Nun bands covering other Flying Nun bands. To the best of my knowledge, only one of these songs ever saw proper CD release (it's a big world and there are a lot of compilations out there, so I'm not going to swear to this) and the cassette became something of a collectors item. Without further ado, here are a few tracks:

1. Flex performed by Straitjacket Fits (originally JPS Experience)
2. I Don't Want You Anyway by The Bats (originally Look Blue Go Purple)
3. The Brain That Wouldn't Die by Roger Kilgour (originally Tall Dwarfs)

Track #2 is the one that I think appears elsewhere, but I love the Bats and LBGP, so there you go.

Tomorrow, as usual, is no wave day.

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