Friday, April 02, 2004

I posted a link to a video and some mp3's by Boyskout at the beginning of February. At the time I kind of flippantly focused on the video which features the (very cute) band members making out with each other and rolling around in bed in (and out of) their underwear. Surprisingly, I'm finding a month down the road that I really, really, really like the single Back To Bed, so I'm going to post it here in higher quality than their website provides. I finally broke down and bought the album it's from, School of Etiquette, and while I can't say that the whole CD is great, it's definitely promising (this seems to be the year that I keep hearing bands who I think will improve in an album or two). Here's another song from the CD, Identity. I like the band's sound a lot (a mix of post-punk and early 80's electronic stuff), and I love the vocalists, so it's really going to come down to their songwriting in the future. I found an interview here, and noted the band's interest in covering Never Say Never, which seems like an excellent idea. Actually I was a little bit surprised/impressed by their favorite bands: hadn't expected the Syd Barrett love.

I seem to like Freezepop in proportion to their resemblance to the early Magnetic Fields. They have a new album in the process of coming out, and here's their website which has all sorts of videos and mp3s and stuff. This is Tender Lies from Freezepop Forever. I hold the somewhat controversial view that Stephin Merritt was at his best (at least lyrically) on the first two Magnetic Fields album, and that his later CDs have seen him getting a little too schtick-y for his own good (I know that lots of people disagree with this). I secretly suspect that Claudia Gonson has something to do with the slide, but have no hard proof. Anyway, I like Freezepop better on the less clever/more melodic songs, but you might very well disagree. All of this doesn't mean that I don't think Shark Attack is pretty funny, especially the "S-H-Blank-Blank-Blank..." part. (I'm assuming that my foreign readers have seen the game show Wheel of Fortune. If you're not understanding the song, feel free to post a comment and I'll explain.)

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