Thursday, March 04, 2004

Today continues yesterday’s post about Alternate Learning. Here’s the track Occupation: Unknown, which is one of my less-favorite songs on the album. It does feature one of those weirdo introductions that Scott would later perfect. And here’s Dresden, which may be my favorite song on the album. Right about at the point where Scott sings “I was shaking to the left now they shake to the right” I fall helplessly under the song’s power. And what the hey! Here’s the original Beach State Rocking, which features one of Scott’s better one-liners: “Well I’d call myself an artist if I could make these meanings clear but there’s a million things to think about when you’re cutting off your ear.”

Thus ends my Scott Miller/Game Theory/Loud Family feature. If you don’t know anything about these bands, I’d suggest you go out and purchase a CD called Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things by the Loud Family. I’d be really surprised if you didn’t end up liking it a whole lot.

I wanted to post a song by a different band to make sure that today isn't a total wash-out for Scott haters, but I also have to run out and don't have time to write a lot. So, Boys Are Poison by The Riddles seems like a good choice since I've been almost completely unable to find out anything about this band. My best guess is that they involved a Dianne Athey, who played bass in the Nervus Rex, but that's the best I can do (and I'm not entirely sure about that either). Anyone? The song, besides spreading a message that couldn't be truer, is a nice bit of garagey girl group fun that sounds like it comes from the 80's.

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