Friday, March 12, 2004

Since no one ever sends me comments except when they have technical issues, I don't really have a sense of how all that Kim Fowley went over, but I think two days of him is probably enough. If you like what you heard, other albums from this general period that I'd recommend are Snake Document Masquerade, Living in the Streets, and Visions of the Future. None of these albums are great all the way through, but they all have their moments of interest.

I've been doing a lot of rock-and-roll lately, so I thought I'd switch into another genre for today. Or, to be more accurate, music that doesn't fit neatly into any genre at all. The band is Deux Filles and it's at times like this that I really wish that there wasn't an Internet, because it makes it impossible to keep things a secret. Things like the fact that, despite the photograph on the cover of the album and despite what it says in the liner notes, Deux Filles are not a group made up of one Gemini Forque and one Claudine Coule; that Gemini was not raised by her Uncle Louis, a double bass player, who had played with Edith Piaf; that Claudine did not learn about music while singing traditional fishing songs as a shrimp fisherman; and that Claudine and Gemini did not mysteriously emigrate to Australia after their tour in 1983, leaving behind only a torn letter to describe their sorry fate. Oh how I wish I could tell you all of this, and let the facts of the matter find you in their own sweet time as they did me. But no doubt you'd just run to Google and five seconds later you'd know the whole truth. What a horrible world we live in!

No, Deux Filles is just another project of that terrible liar Simon Fisher Turner, also known as Loveletter, SFT, the Duke of Luxembourg, "the guy who did the music for Derek Jarman's movies," and God knows what else. The other member of Deux Filles was Colin Lloyd Tucker who you may know because of his work with Kate Bush, with an early incarnation of The The, or possibly as a solo artist. In retrospect, it's hard to believe that we didn't find something a little suspicious about this photo; something ever so slightly masculine about the band, but those were more innocent times.

The group released two albums, and I should probably warn you that you've got your work cut out to find either one. The better of the two, Silence and Wisdom, did see a CD release (though the original record comes with such nice packaging that you might want to keep an eye out for a copy). From this CD, here's The Letter (no relation to the Box Top's song), L'intrigue, Her Master's Voice and Mortuary.

From Double Happiness, here's the extremely creepy Who Art in Heaven. I definitely don't recommend playing it late at night in an empty house while being stalked by a homicidal insane woman.

If you've listened to the mp3's already, you probably know what I mean when I say this is difficult music to describe. I guess you could say that it combines aspects of Brian Eno's ambient sound, film music, world music, classical, and the kitchen sink. And all in song-length compositions. I tried to play it as background music for a brunch once, but it didn't seem to go over too well in that context. My wife finds it really irritating, and some of the sounds tend to freak out my cats. Now I usually just listen to it on my iPod when I'm riding the subway late at night. I find that Deux Filles are also good to listen to on slow drowsy Sunday afternoons when you've eaten brunch, finished reading the newspaper, and are starting to consider whether to take a nap or not. I wish there were more people doing the sort of thing (if there are, please by all means let me know).

I'm going to continue with Simon Fisher Turner on Monday. Just to wrap up today, there are a couple of other releases that I know of that include tracks by Deux Filles. One song appears on a CD called The Many Moods of Simon Fisher Turner, and... oh lord, this record is so obscure I don't even know why I'm mentioning it, but if you ever see an album (vinyl only, but of course) called The Bone of Desire/When Will I Shoot You Again... Well, now you know. Besides, between eBay and Gemm, nothing is really rare any more. There could be other Deux Filles' recordings , but I'm guessing that the only people who know for sure are Simon, Colin, and the person who runs this web site.

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