Monday, March 29, 2004


Didn't get up in time yesterday to see Dig! (the Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols movie) at the Gramercy Theater, so I'll have to wait like everyone else. Here's my favorite Dandy Warhols song (I love that they put the drums in one speaker) and here's my favorite BJM song which is the rare BJM track that actually does what I think they should be doing (as opposed to their millions of tracks that start with an idea of mixing Velvet Underground/Rolling Stones/Spacemen 3, but then fail to come up with any other reason for being.)

I did pay a visit to Rockit Scientist on Carmine Street. Their moving date is next week. Annoying, as I don't get over to the East Village much (their new home will be on that block on St. Marks Place), although I do love the Takoyaki stand on 9th Street. I bought the Fleetwood Mac reissue of Tusk that came out recently, mostly because I was curious about the bonus tracks. I'll report back if I discover anything interesting that every other music site on the internet hasn't discovered.

Did stop in at Rocks In Your Head and finally heard the new Electrelane album. I think I may like it slightly more than the other people who've reviewed it, but it'll take a while to know for sure. They're playing in NYC/Brooklyn in a week and I may have to check them out. Fluxblog has previously posted tracks from The Power Out, so I won't unless I find some compelling reason to duplicate his efforts.

Last week, when I was doing my theme, I excluded singles. If I hadn't, I probably would have posted the Jesus and Mary Chain's version of Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man (turn up the volume, if you please). The J&MC have how many compilations? And this is still only (legitimately) available as the b-side to their Upside Down single. It's probably my favorite version of the song.

I keep hoping that the band Elf Power will come out with a great album someday, because it's always fun when bands with terrible names do that. They have a new album this year called Walking With the Begger Boys and you can listen to some tracks from it here. I just don't hear any evidence that they're ever going to transcend what they are (basically slightly above-average songwriting with generic singing and sound and lyrics) which means that, in my mind, they reside in the Butterglory wing of the music museum of occasionally diverting but ultimately unsatisfying indie rock bands. The one release of theirs that I kind of like is the covers collection Come On (later expanded under a different name). It's not that they improve the songs they're covering, but it's an interesting selection of songs competently done. Also, a mix of the original tracks might sound weird, due to the vastly different production styles, so having them all together with basically similar performances does actually acheive something. To go with the J&MC b-side, here's a cover of the a-side, Upside Down.

A new music file blog (can't call it an mp3 blog, as this is a blog floggin' OGG) seems to have appeared here. It's always hard to tell after a few posts, but I get a good feeling, assuming they can get people to download ogg files (I had a total lack of success here with AAC, but I too am intrigued by those teeny little ogg files).

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