Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's Tuesday and already I'm bending the rules of my theme for the week (something about hard-to-know-about legitimate releases...I gave the fuzzy details on Monday). Tomorrow I have a really good one for the Nightblooms, so I'm giving myself some slack today.

Here's a pop quiz: the Bee Gees, the Moody Blues, Petula Clark, the Troggs, Tom Jones, Golden Earring, the Easybeats, the Left Banke, the Box Tops, Roy Orbison, Nancy Sinatra, the Everly Brothers, Vanilla Fudge, Neil Diamond, the Supremes and Marvin Gaye have something in common. What is it?

Answer: they all recorded commercials for Coca-Cola. Allmusic has a nice write-up of the CD that compiles a bunch of these, but it's not the sort of thing you'd be likely to find unless you're looking for it or you spend a lot of time reading small print. Some of my favorites are by the Bee Gees, the Bee Gees again, the Troggs, the Left Banke, and the Easybeats.

One small correction to the Allmusic review: the Beatles may have been too high status to record a commercial but the Rolling Stones weren't.

Now that you've had your Coke and Rice Krispies, time to throw on some jeans and run around town on a sugar high. (Wearing Levi's was brought to you by the Millenium.)

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